The Secret Life of Men

A Practical Guide to Helping Men Discover Health, Happiness, and Deeper Personal Relationships

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May 8, 2003

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There are a lot of unhappy men out there — evidenced by the increasing numbers of failed marriages, poor health, negligent fathering skills, and violent behavior — but there is a way to get back on track for a healthy and happy life. In The Secret Life of Men, therapist Steve Biddulph combines the best ideas from his professional work with men’s groups and his own personal experience to offer men of all ages a practical guide to transforming their lives. The Secret Life of Men tackles the key areas of a man’s life — parenting, love, sexuality, finding meaning in work, and making real friends — and opens new pathways to healing the past and forming true partnerships with women, as well as honoring their own inner needs. Illustrated with photographs throughout, this book is written for men of all ages, backgrounds, and creeds, and for the women who love and want to understand them. The Secret Life of Men captures the spirit of change that is giving men new hope for a better future, helping them to see their lives more clearly and discover how to be happy.

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