Children have been sliding down our priority list for too long. Busy parents give children leftover time — those few remaining minutes after work and recreation. Stressed teachers have put conformity and good grades ahead of stimulating children to love learning. The many adults who are motivated to do their best often find themselves at a loss over what to do. Our children, desperately missing us in their lives, look in the wrong places for solace and support. While only a few become openly violent, many more feel humiliated, frustrated, lonely, and angry.From recasting our attitudes as parents and getting more involved in schools as volunteers, to restructuring class sizes, limiting homework, and fostering honest dialog about the pressures in our society, Reclaiming Our Children shows us the way to lasting peace with and among our children. Beginning with a dramatic shift in adult priorities that places children at the center of our lives, Peter Breggin demonstrates how we can create loving, disciplined, and inspiring relationships with all of our children.

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