Who Moved My Blackberry?

A Novel

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781401384234

USD: $11.99

ON SALE: April 4th 2006

Genre: Fiction / Fiction / Humorous / General


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Trade Paperback
The television show The Office meets Bridget Jones in a novel set in an office so dysfunctional, it’s bound to strike a chord with any nine-to-fiver. A compulsively readable, hilarious novel told through the e-mail messages of Martin Lukes. Martin Lukes is a man who is good at taking credit where it isn’t due; a man who works hard at “personal growth” but consistently lets down everyone around him; a man who communicates with his sons by e-mail and fails to notice how smart his wife, Jenny, really is; a man — in short — who loves jargon but totally lacks understanding.

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