The 2007 pet food recalls followed a multitude of pets getting sick and dying from contaminated food; now pet owners must take charge of what they feed their dogs and cats. With The Ultimate Pet Food Guide, veteran dog trainer, behaviorist, and author Liz Palika focuses on nutritional needs and covers every type of feeding, including controversial raw diets, homemade cooked food, and commercial foods. Palika also addresses introducing new foods; what “human foods” pets shouldn't eat; free-feeding; responsibility for food safety; where ingredients come from; and red flags in ingredients. Included are over fifty veterinarian- and pet-nutritionist-approved recipes and diets tailored to special-needs pets, such as puppies/kittens and pregnant, older, overweight and/or more sedentary animals.

What's Inside

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“Will soothe your nutrition fears and educate you to feed your pet a healthy diet. Read this book. Maximize your dog's nutritional health. Stand back while the dog you love loves the food in his bowl.”Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

“Effectively this is a reference book, and it’s a good one. It has all the hallmarks: clear writing that is easy to comprehend; a usable table of contents and index. It’s a handy manual that won’t overburden someone who loves his or her pet.”Augusta Metro Spirit

“We just wish we’d known about [this book] a bit sooner.”—Smart Stuff
“Amazingly informative book... It's an interesting read, and one that will help you make an informed decision about your dog's diet for a happier, healthier bow-wowser.”—
Animal Wellness, Dec/Jan 2008
“Helps you steer clear of poor quality foods and guides you towards more wholesome nutrition choices…Includes a handy appendix of food values.”
Jamestown Post-Journal(NY), 7/25/09
“Tells you everything about feeding your dog or cat, from commercial to home-cooked to raw…Covers it all, including supplements.” 
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