The Millionaire Zone

Seven Winning Steps to a Seven-Figure Fortune

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781401387594

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ON SALE: April 10th 2007

Genre: Nonfiction / Business & Economics / Personal Finance


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When it comes to making a change in our lives, there is nothing more frightening than taking a financial risk — starting your own business, investing money, or making a career change. Not anymore. Now you can achieve your financial dreams without having to go it alone. By showing you how to stay in your comfort zone, nationally recognized financial expert Jennifer Openshaw eliminates the roadblocks between you and your financial rewards. This book will help you make the change you’ve always thought about but were too afraid to try. With Jennifer’s straightforward, simple approach, youll leave behind all the excuses that hold so many of us back from making the changes necessary to achieve our financial goals. You’ll learn how to use what’s already at your fingertips — the people, places, and opportunities closest to you — to make money. Along with her seven winning strategies unlocking the secrets to your first million, she includes advice on: How to make people want to help you
Three powerful ways to turn a “No” into a “Yes”
How to connect with top decision-makers
How to create your own advisory board
Dealing with debt — and more
Turning your passions into profits Jennifer will also inspire you with the stories of how some of America’s wealthiest people got where they are today by applying the principles at the heart of this book. Plus, in these pages you’ll find groundbreaking research based on surveys and interviews with over 3,000 Americans on how they used familiar things to research financial security. To get you on the path to bigger and better things, Jennifer includes a Millionaire Zone Profile assessment with this book plus a 30-Day Getting Started Program to turn your passions into profits.The Millionaire Zone will not only change your life but the way you operate in the world. Whether you’re an employee, investor, or entrepreneur, you’ll discover what other “Zoners” already know: That surrounding yourself with familiar things — what Jennifer calls your LifeNet — will empower you to overcome your fears and move your financial life from neutral to high-gear. Thousands of people have reached the Millionaire Zone using Jennifer’s winning strategies. Now it’s your turn!

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