This Is Not Fame

A "From What I Re-Memoir"

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Dec 5, 2017

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An unfiltered, unapologetic, hilarious, and sometimes obscene assemblage of tales from the down-and-dirty traveling comedy circuit

Doug Stanhope has been drunkenly stumbling down the back roads and dark alleys of stand-up comedy for over a quarter of a century, roads laden with dank bars, prostitutes, cheap drugs, farm animals, evil dwarfs, public nudity, menacing third-world police, psychotic breaks, sex offenders, and some understandable suicides. You know, just for levity.

While other comedians were seeking fame, Stanhope was seeking immediate gratification, dark spectacle, or sometimes just his pants. Not to say he hasn’t rubbed elbows with fame. He’s crashed its party, snorted its coke, and jumped into its pool naked, literally and often repeatedly — all while artfully dodging fame himself.

Doug spares no legally permissible detail, and his stories couldn’t be told any other way. They’re weird, uncomfortable, gross, disturbing, and fucking funny.

This Is Not Fame is by no means a story of overcoming a life of excess, immorality, and reckless buffoonery. It’s an outright celebration of it. For Stanhope, the party goes on.

What's Inside

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"Doug Stanhope is the most dangerous comedian in the world. If we both were fighters I would avoid him at all costs. He's a bad, bad man."--Chris Rock, author of Rock This!
"I was brunching last week with Jerry (Seinfeld) and Chris (Rock), and we were saying how it's such a shame that George Carlin and Richard Pryor aren't around to read Doug's new book."--Daniel Tosh, Entertainer, Gay Billionaire
"Doug Stanhope is my favorite comic. There is no one to compare him to; it all begins with the writing and this book is a great read."--Roseanne Barr, author of Roseannearchy
"Stanhope is our Charles Bukowski. If that isn't good enough for you to buy his stupid book, you don't deserve to read it."--Michael Ian Black, author of Navel Gazing and You're Not Doing It Right
"Doug Stanhope's truth telling wakes me up faster than a Zen monk slapping the shit out of me. Pure genius."--Kelly Carlin, author of A Carlin Home Companion
"Doug has done it again. Just when I thought he had peaked, I realized that that was a valley and THIS is the peak."--Judd Apatow, author of Sick in the Head
"Doug Stanhope is a true throwback. His authenticity is both hilarious and inspiring."--A.J. Hawk, Famed NFL Linebacker
"Yes."--Marilyn Manson, via text when asked if he'd write a blurb
"Doug Stanhope is my favorite everything. Any comic can write a book, but two books? Watch out, Judy Blume!"--Dave Attell
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Meet The Author: Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope is a veteran of over twenty-five years of stand-up comedy who has successfully dodged mainstream fame using his uncompromising brand of humor to build a cult-like following around the world. He tours extensively and has recorded over a dozen comedy specials. Stanhope resides in the US border town of Bisbee, Arizona, with pets who have people names, in an absurd relationship with his gal pal Bingo.

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