Rapid Problem Solving With Post-it Notes

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Jul 22, 1997

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Problem Solved! Uses your favorite top-drawer tool — the Post-it Note. Great for individuals, great for groups — large or small. Problems come in all shapes and sizes, yet most have common characteristics that can be addressed with the techniques found in this book. Rapid Problem-Solving with Post-it Notes shows you how to use six types of techniques:
  • The Post-up-Provides methods for getting information into chunks
  • The Swap Sort-Shows listing and organization methods
  • The Top-down Tree-Works when the nature of the problem is unknown
  • The Information Map-Maps messy problems and complex relationships
  • The Action Map-Plans actions or maps an existing process
More than 70 diagrams and examples for solving everyday problems

This refreshing book reminds us the simplest ideas are often the most effective. Solve problems, create solutions and find answers fast-all with the help of Post-it Notes. Tens of millions of Post-it¬�Notes users can now learn how to do far more with these great little tools. Post-it Notes can be used to help solve difficult problems because they:
  • Are the right size to hold one piece of information from a problem
  • Are easily to attached to flat surfaces and stay put
  • Can be moved and reattached many times

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