You’ve met the perfect woman, you’ve summoned the courage to propose, she actually said yes…now what? Craig Michaels’s Thirty to Wife is a funny and informative wild ride through one soon-to-be-groom’s last month of bachelorhood. Being more of a “let’s elope” kind of guy, but wanting fulfill his fiancée’s dream of a fairy tale wedding, Craig embarks on a crash course in schooling himself on what to do (default), what not to do (habit) and how to stay sane when the wedding plans get out of hand.

Thirty to Wife isn’t just about one guy’s journey; it’s a field guide for all grooms and brides (care and feeding tips included). Navigating the treacherous waters of wedding details (including responsibilities, budgeting, and traditions), Craig shares his triumphs and tragedies in valiant effort to help grooms-to-be avoid making the same mistakes he did. Brides-to-be will better understand what their mates are going through—and will take comfort in knowing that things could be worse.

Beginning thirty days before The Big Day, Craig manages to get himself to the altar without losing his mind – or his fiancée. Charming and chock full of useful tips and ideas, Thirty to Wife will have every prospective groom—and bride—not only laughing in the aisles, but walking down them too.

What's Inside

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